Best Sale Vintage Pelham Puppet quot;Pop Singer quot; Beatles Marionette

Best Sale Vintage Pelham Puppet Pop Singer Beatles Marionette

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A nearly perfect Pelham Puppet from the United Kingdom. This highly desirable and collectible puppet is one of the first of the "Pop Singer" series that Pelham made.

Following with the Beatles popularity, Pelham sought to depict the group in wood and string. Licensing was not secured, and so the company marketed a Beatles-like group of four puppets as the "Pop Singers". Some claim the puppets came to represent The Dave Clark Five.

The puppets were clad in two types of suits - a brown solid and the more Beatlesque striped and black trimmed jacket and matching trousers that are on this puppet. Each also came with an instrument, which is missing here. Overall the puppet in fantastic condition, fully intact except for the missing instrument. The strings are all attached to the wooden cross pieces and the puppet is fully functional. The puppet head is hand painted wood.
I think this doll looks very much like George Harrison.

12" tall.
Original box- 13" x 4" x 3"

The perfect gift for the Beatles, vintage toy, doll, or puppet collector.